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, a “beer-guzzling, drug- abusing pop musician, who was converted at the age of 29 while chain-smoking his way through a Quaker-led Bible study.” In John’s first decade as a Christian, he led hundreds of people to Christ.

By 1970 he was leading 11 Bible studies that included more than 500 people!

The official recognition of this transition took place in 1982: the emergence of what was to be called the “Association of Vineyard Churches.” Today, there are 2400 Vineyards around the world in 95 countries – and we’re growing.

Read below to learn more of the history behind one of today’s most passionate church planting movements.

Peter Wagner, along with seasoned missionaries and international students, gave John credible evidence for combining evangelism with healing and prophecy.

As the Vineyard grew and John’s work of renewal impacted everyone from the Anglicans to the Baptists, Wimber carried forward the heart of a child when it came to the work of the Holy Spirit.

His love for the untamable work of the Spirit, based on the lasting transformations he had seen in the lives of so many, led the Vineyard through many seasons in its history.

The Jesus People movement of the 1960s was a spiritual awakening within hippie culture in the United States, as thousands of young people found themselves on a desperate search to experience God.

Not finding Him through drugs, sex, or rock’n’roll, the hippies were one of the subcultures powerfully impacted by ministries such as Calvary Chapel (Costa Mesa, CA) that arose during this move of God across America.

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