Updating access spreadsheet dating people at the same time

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This database started out as a simple list in Excel, but now we might want to add more complex information, such as who uses the equipment or its maintenance history.If one piece of equipment is assigned to different people over time or has multiple service incidents, it would be awkward (to put it mildly) to try to maintain that kind of detail in a single list.If you do not possess the skills or privileges to be a Microsoft SQL Server database administrator, you can still obtain the manageability and stability benefits of storing data on the server while retaining the use of Access.Also, the data in the linked tables is stored locally on your computer so that you can work offline with data, and then synchronize the changes when you reconnect.This chapter focuses on the integration of Share Point 2013 with Microsoft Office Excel 2013 and Microsoft Office Access 2013.Similar to previous versions, with Excel 2013 you can export and import data to and from Share Point lists and provide one-way synchronization from Share Point lists to Excel spreadsheets so that you can take the data offline, and then synchronize with the Share Point lists when you reconnect.Share Point can import data from an Excel spreadsheet into a Share Point list.

Figure 1 Before getting too carried away with planning your new Access database, you need to decide what to do with your existing data in Excel.A complete list of practice files is provided in Using the practice files at the beginning of this book.In many situations, you might already have data within a spreadsheet, but later you find that you need to share the data with other members of your team.Excel does a fine job of maintaining simple databases. As long as your data fits this description, it's officially a "database:" This kind of worksheet table is called a flat-file database.If your needs are that simple, there's no reason to change.

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