Taurus and scorpio dating

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Dating Relationships Statistics Dating is one of the most anticipated events in the life of most men and women.This anticipation starts during the teenage years when one becomes conscious about the presence of the opposite sex.From several studies and experiments, it was found out that what transforms a person into somebody extraordinary is mainly his personality.Both men and women prefer to date somebody with a bubbly personality.It has also been found out that people in general look for a life partner that mirrors them.

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Although not all who thought they found that one extraordinary person who can complete his life end up marrying that person, it makes sense to try and test the waters.

What gets to me is how my possessiveness is tested by her not wanting to be possessed (if that IS the case).

I feel like she TRIES to make me jealous sometimes. Also, I'm very sexual/sensual and I love trying to get her in the mood but we haven't had sex in over a month.

The ‘cougar woman’ may be a common phrase nowadays, thanks to Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez and other celebrities who prefer to date younger men.

This phenomenon proves the fact that an older woman can still snatch the man, provided she is more alluring than the younger competitor.

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