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The area known as Currawong is located on the western foreshores of Pittwater between Coasters Retreat and Great Mackerel Beach and on the eastern side of the Lamberton Peninsula. The eastern extent of the property is Currawong Beach, a gently sloping sandy beach (Pittwater Council SHR nomination, 2005).

Currawong is surrounded by Ku-Ring-Gai National Park to the west and south, and adjoined by private property asscoiated with Great Mackerel Beach to the north.

Currawong is furthermore of State social significance for its associations with union members and their families from all over the state who have holidayed there (as well as non-unionists allowed to rent the cottages in off-peak periods), some now returning as third generation visitors.

The social significance of the site is also demonstrated by public protests and media debates over the several proposals for its redevelopment since the 1970s.

Note: There are incomplete details for a number of items listed in NSW.

The Heritage Division intends to develop or upgrade statements of significance and other information for these items as resources become available.

The Currawong Vandyke cabins are indicative of the relationship between innovative industrialists, Postwar Reconstruction ideals and the union movement.

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While this form of housing can be found in public housing estates across NSW, the design was especially adapted by Vandyke to Currawong.

(Design Plus, 2003) The property is within the Parish of Broken Bay, County of Cumberland and is identified in real property under four separate Certificates of Title: PT 10 DP 752017 (46 acres 3 roods 20 perches/approx. 0.6 ha) Lot4 DP 978424 (32 perches/approximately 0.08 ha) Lot 1 DP 337208 (29 perches/approx.

0.075 ha) About one quarter of this historic property is proposed for State Heritage Register listing: part of PT 10 DP 752017 and all of Lot 1 DP 337208.

There is also likely to be archaeological evidence from the farming phase of occupation.

Currawong also has scientific research potential and representative values for its natural environment, being adjacent to and part of an inter-related landscape with Ku-ring-gai National Park, which is listed on the National Heritage Register.

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