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The next Friday at my dinner at Caminetto in The(e) Rocks, Robin arrived with a new belated birthday card from a company confirmatively named “Frankly Funny Cards” and a bottle of Passion Pop.On the Saturday a nice lady, Marta, rang for my dinner night at Blu Ginger at Cox's Rd, North Ryde, and asked “what is this with the magical dinner nights? So not knowing about Goldilocks' visit the Saturday before, she came dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.Come and catch up and reminisce with others from the Cheap Eats era.It is said that I am the more entitled person to run these prices.

She just told me the story on the Friday night immediately upon arriving for dinner.The next night at the next dinner, on the night of my birthday, a new lady was introduced to me and she gave me her email and her name was Goldie.That night also a lady called Sabrina was the only one to especially give me a birthday card.It will not only allow you to realize your concept but we wish to fulfill the book’s potential by reaching the hearts and minds of both the book buying public and the decision makers and could help us get your book recognized in the literary industry.Once again, our goal here is to help you publish your book globally and to help you achieve success through masterful, collaborative and strategic publishing approach at a very affordable way, making it very doable and feasible for you at the same time to make things happen and materialize every concept and thoughts.

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