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One of the things I like the most about our Junior Agility League is that we see so many breeds of dogs represented, and not just the breeds one would encounter at an average agility trial.I just went through the list of breeds over the years.“And when we had the opportunity to have our wedding at Cody’s parents’ house, it was a no-brainer.We were able to create a wedding that so many people dream of and very few people have access to.Leona Hellesvig has been engaged in dog sports since toddlerhood.She is very involved with junior handlers and 4-H in Minnesota.Back in November, to celebrate Thanksgiving, league competitors played the Turkey game and had to wear either a turkey hat or a scarecrow hat while running the course.

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Nicole Lemke and Gunner, Labrador Retriever, Senior  6 points.

When not participating in dog activities, Leona is an elementary school music teacher.

In this thesis, I argue that, contrary to the historical opposition between Niels Bohr and Hugh Everett's respective interpretations of quantum mechanics, their views share several common goals and metaphysical similarities.

I am hoping you enjoy some of the photos and courses from our past league term. Auna Fleischhacker and Faith, Great Dane, Elementary level  100 points.2.

Alexandra Edwards and Windy, Havanese, Elementary level  85 points.3.

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