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“I’m warning you to warn the crowds: This is not casual. Help her up, apologize and say what a fool you were.” He may have a point. The closest he came was when the Broadway musical version of “The Producers” played at Paris Las Vegas from early 2007 to early 2008.

If there’s a little old lady in front of you buying a ticket, knock her to the ground. Brooks turns 91 on June 28, but he has never performed in a Las Vegas casino. Brooks came to town to promote it and monitor previews.

But “The Producers” arrived a little late in its touring career and was seriously damaged by cuts to get the running time down to 90 minutes.

To add insult to injury, “Jersey Boys” moved into the same theater and ran for eight years at a two-hour length, with only modest cuts. “And they were really terrified to keep people away from the tables for so long.” ‘There’s nothing like the Vegas vibe’ The shows at Wynn will be a hybrid of the film screenings and Brooks’ 2015 “Live at the Geffen” concert filmed for HBO. In Las Vegas, he will draw upon that live memoir but also show film clips and field questions. We’d go locally to the Hollywood Palace and do it there.” Brooks worked on the screenplay for the 1961 Jerry Lewis comedy “The Ladies Man,” now remembered more for its elaborate dollhouse set than for the content.

Royce Gracie "Ronnie is my student of many years and is the only Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu academy in Delaware.

Same with “Blazing Saddles” at Radio City Music Hall last fall. “There’s going to be a crush for any seats that are open.He hasn’t lost the knack for self-promotion that’s more endearing than obnoxious.In a recent phone chat, the comedy legend stressed the price of procrastination, or thinking you can just walk up and buy tickets on the night of his June 30 and July 1 shows at Wynn Las Vegas.He was a natural.” Lewis told Sands boss Jack Entratter to make sure he got anything he wanted, any table limit. A different sight, a different smell, a different look.“He cost me a few thousand dollars,” Brooks recalls with a laugh. It’s just a great place.” Brooks volunteers that in “Blazing Saddles,” “I have one moment that’s very Vegas. Get (tickets) while they’re getable.” Contact Mike Weatherford at [email protected] 702-383-0288.

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