Koyuki kato how is she dating

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Often Giroro will address Koyuki as "that woman" and in one episode would have ruined Koyuki and Natsumi's pajama party were it not for the arrival of Dororo.However, despite such, both appear to have a mutual respect for each other and have even moved in perfect synchronization to protect Natsumi.Koyuki and Dororo often do intense training with each other; using their ninja abilities to help those around them.

Saburo is a close friend of Koyuki, and Koyuki has respect for him.Koyuki and Dororo are both partners and good friends, since Koyuki's reason to come to Tokyo was to help Dororo reunite with his comrades, only to find that Dororo was forgotten by the rest of his platoon, especially his childhood friend, Keroro.Koyuki first met Dororo (Zeroro back then) while still living in her ninja village, and there, Dororo learned about the beauty of Earth and its nature, explaining his reluctant attitude towards the more Earth-threatening plans of Keroro.Koyuki and Momoka are good friends, hanging around one another on a daily basis due to the both of them liking the Hinatas.The two of them are usually the first on board to help the Hinatas in battle, working together in several episode like in episode 133.

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