Intimidating classical music

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Well there you have it: my list, highly subjective, intensely ruminated over, and by no means complete.

If you were to listen to all of these recordings it would give you a well-rounded feel for the vast sweep of ‘classical music,’ and expose you to the tremendous variety therein.

Yes, is an opera, written by a Frenchman and set in Spain. Beethoven wrote grand, fantastic symphonies on a scale that went far beyond any who had gone before him.

Considered by many to be the most perfect opera ever written, it's ridiculously popular and will make you sound more educated and sophisticated to be able to recognize the arias from this work. His nine symphonies are one of the artistic pinnacles of Western civilization, and No. Imagine an idyllic walk through a central European countryside as you listen, and the music will unfold like magic.

So you're at the point where you've decided that becoming familiar with at least the rudiments of classical music is an important part of your development into a more sophisticated, urbane, worldly man.

An oratorio could be thought of as an opera with no costumes, staging or movement: the singers and chorus stand there and perform a long work that typically tells a continuous story.Good story, no one really knows how much truth there is to it, but this is a summation of the finest strands of Renaissance vocal music and is stupendously, gloriously beautiful.The In 1958, at the height of the Cold War, the Soviets held the first quadrennial Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow.Hit me up in the comments sections with any questions or complaints; I’ll be happy to address them.You love steak you say, but do you know why you order that porterhouse instead of the tri-tip? ) so the next time you're ordering, you'll be the king of ...

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