Interactive dating games bisexual

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The Sims franchise is a series of four games where you get to build and create your own neighbourhoods, houses and characters (which are known as sims).

The artificial intelligence turns the game experience into a wonderful, interactive, large scale doll house.

In The Sims 2 there is a pre-existing sim who starts the game with a positive attraction to both genders, (rather than no attraction to either gender).

Disturbingly she is a someone who uses another character for cruel scientific experiements and in the PSP version of the game she’s cheating on her husband. The person she experiments on is a pre-existing character who starts the game with a negative attraction to females, which would make him gay.

However in the pre-made neighbourhoods that are installed with my game, many of the characters start off as LG and B rather than all B.

Whilst same-sex couples couldn’t marry in the original Sims game (launched in 2000), they could move in with their loved one and adopt.(Sadly I can’t include the T here, because so far in the franchise sims can only be male or female.There’s no reason why sims can’t change between the two or be genderqueer, so EA/Maxis should change this.Instead of four separate games, think of it as one gameplay experience that gets updated every 4-5 years with infinitely better graphics and game play mechanics.The Sims series has always been good in its attitude towards all things LGB.

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