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But sometimes, I feel like this is true, even within the Church.And even then, I’m sure the majority of guys are trying, but everyone can get nervous, say something stupid, or have a bad day, especially when a cute girl is nearby.So, let me give you a glimpse into how many LDS guys feel.Here are nine things single LDS guys wish girls understood. For most LDS guys, it is not all about the physical.We desire a relationship, something deeper, and ultimately we want a family. The first step to better communication is learning how we communicate and how we think. If we ask a question, we are seeking the answer to . ” We ask because we would like a straight reply, like “Panda Express.” Or, if you don’t care as long as it is not Taco Bell, then say, “I don’t really care as long as it is not Taco Bell.” Saying “I don’t care” when you really do puts us in an impossible spot to read your mind. And yes, if I am asking you on a date, I think you are beautiful.Every guy will admit it, we don’t understand women. The courage it takes to ask a beautiful girl on a date is far more than you might think. And honestly, for every guy that asks you on a date, there are probably two to five that just have not worked up the courage yet.Lies, even white lies, hurt us more than the truth. A lot of girls think that their beauty is a weight or a dress size. One of the most frustrating parts of the dating culture is the double standard of physical beauty.

If you can’t be upfront at first, how do you expect to be honest later on, when more emotions and chances to get hurt are on the line? Honestly, if you are trying, that is good enough for us. Attraction is important in every relationship and is about so much more than your looks.Who you are and how you treat others is what makes you most attractive and beautiful.Jeremy Goff was born in Denver and raised in Orem, Utah.Sure, that’s important to every relationship, and sure, every guy wants to have a healthy sexual relationship with their spouse down the road.But that’s the difference between guys within the Church and what you see on TV or the internet; we can control our desires and are not obsessed with sex or the physical side of things.

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