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h Note that the past participle of bear in be born: He was born in 1920, that is, He was brought into the world in 1920.

i Modal verbs are not included in this list because they are defective, that is, they have not all the forms.

They are also pronounced differently: dreamt /dremt/ dreamed /dri:md/ (Also kneel, lean and leap.Since leap ends in a voiceless sound, -ed is pronounced /t/: leaped (/li:pt/), but leapt (/lept/).) spelt /spelt/ spelled /speld/ (Also burn, dwell, learn, smell, spill and spoil.) e Abide, cost, hang, heave, knit, shine, speed, and a few other verbs, can be regular or irregular, according to the sense we use them.Bid has two forms; each of them with different meanings.I have lived in a number of cities and I have never felt as much at risk in Italy as I have done in London.Walking home alone in Rome, or catching a night-bus, isn't always pleasant but I've never felt seriously threatened.

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