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If we get rid of the outdated expectation that men should always pay, dating will become more equal and honest.Eradicate the paying politics, and we’ll know that when we’re going on a date, it’s because we both fancy each other and want to get to know each other – rather than reducing the moment to some kind of economic transaction.You know if a first date is going to Nowheresville the minute you walk in the door.

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Today’s gentleman faces the delicate subject of whether chivalry is still deemed as the defining feature of a refined man.

The offer should be a firm one along the lines of “I invited you to join me for dinner and therefore I would like to pick this one up” said of course with complete conviction.

This leaves the door slightly open if the lady wishes to object and insist on paying her half, but hopefully she will thank her date graciously and insist that she pay next time or indeed she will pick up the tab for further drinks afterwards.

In an era of feminism and equality just where do men stand on this subject, especially when it comes to paying the bill on a first date?

In these confusing times, a gentleman’s aim should now be to strike the perfect balance between honouring traditions and remaining respectful to a lady’s autonomy.

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