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In fact, there are most certainly teenagers alive today that need Testosterone replacement therapy. Men are becoming feminized at astronomical rates and women are becoming masculinized. How do you suppose you can up it naturally in an unnatural environment?You think somehow this worldwide trend has spared you? Start eating non-genetically modified food and non-hormonized meat and non-pesticided veggies?How do you know if you might have low testosterone? When you say you want to stay natural, you are saying you want to do nothing about these symptoms even though they can be fixed. It's called Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT. Your kindly Doctor will prescribe the necessary ingredients to get you fixed up and feeling like a teenager again. Now, I know we have all been told about the horrors of using testosterone.

Rather than wither away like the rest of the old farts, the “young in spirit and body” old fellas got there by manipulating their hormone balance.A conservative age where men need to to take matters in their own hands is 30.My own personal opinion is that levels plummet between the ages of 25-27.You don't want to be dependent on it but that doesn't mean shit, you are dependent on it and will be forever no matter how you That's for a man born in 1970.A man born in 1980 will be worse, a man born in 1990 is half-girl already and a boy born in 2000 is probably going to be wearing pigtails and dresses when (s)he grows up.

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