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This and the above makes it a very valuable aug to pick up early on.

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=================== General Upgrades =================== These upgrades are the ones that almost every character type will benefit from the following upgrades.*ASSASSIN: This is basically the pure stealth build again but you'll actually be killing enemies instead of subduing them. *RAMPAGE: For this build you'll want to focus on moving around stealthily and when combat must happen setting up traps. Some suggested builds: - Stealth: Stun Gun, Tranquilizer Gun, Combat Rifle or Grenade Launcher - Light Combat: Combat Rifle, Sniper Rifle - Heavy Combat: Combat Rifle, Heavy Machine Gun - Once you've got your selected weapons start applying upgrades to them.A gas mine and some frag grenades can lay waste to a group of enemies. By sticking with the same weapons, buying upgrades as you go along, you will have very powerful weapons before you even reach the halfway point of the game.Advance warning of when enemies are coming your way will give you advance warning before storming into a room guns blazing or help you sneak past them.Hacking: Capture - This is useful for every character.

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