Dating marriage family during renaissance

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While Durer was more strongly influenced by Flemish art during his early period, possibly a result of the Franconian workshop tradition of his master Michael Wolgemut, in the period after his journeys to Italy he mainly worked with ideas from the Italian Renaissance which enabled him to create new images.Durer's varied interest in nature and the environment, his study of the works of other masters, and his inspired ability to transform this innovatively, contributed to the important stimulus he gave to the historical development of art, starting north of the Alps, but eventually extending throughout Europe.

Even today it has not been shown beyond doubt whether the Durers came from Hungary or Germany.

A good example of this is Durer's treatise on painting, called Speis der maier knaben (Nourishment for Young Painters), in which he explains the tasks and opportunities of painting and their application to his students.

During recent decades, research on Durer has progressed with a flood of contributions.

The quality and wide range of his works and themes, both in terms of content and formal aspects, are also astonishing.

Durer's woodcuts and copper engravings made him famous throughout Europe; today he is still regarded as the greatest master of his age in the field of printed graphics.

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