Dating a russian women

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It’s hard to imagine a sort of Slavic brides that would surpass Russian girls in popularity.Several decades ago, at the Soviet Union times, those ladies were a complete mystery to a regular foreigner.Pick the venue in advance; think out what you could take up jointly and what topics to tackle.If she is going to visit you, take an advantage of knowing your city.In their view, any guest visiting their home should be treated as if he were a family member.Yet there’s another rule telling us guests also should bring a gift for their hosts.In Russia, they believe: a woman should do her best in order to overwhelm her man with her amazing image.The first date is indeed a special occasion so your potential bride will likely spend hours to choose the stunning outfit and do her hair and wear a makeup.

To impress your lady, watch out how much you drink during your first date.

In the West, some girls don’t appreciate when you offer them a hand while getting out of a car or going downstairs, pull a chair for them, and help them wear a coat.

On the contrary, Russian girls highly value such courtesies.

Don’t panic if she doesn’t arrive strictly on time – be patient and wait for a while.

The topic of gift giving was always quite delicate.

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