Current recordset does not support updating vba updating address with dmv

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If you use a DAO Recordset, you must explicitly reference it.Referencing both libraries is likely to generate an ambiguous object error.When both libraries are referenced and both libraries support an object, VBA will assign the library with the highest priority. Explicitly referencing each object's library when you declare the object is better: Moving through the records in a Recordset is a common task, but doing so comes with a few hazards.

current recordset does not support updating vba-33

When you first open a Recordset, the current record pointer will point to the first record and the BOF and EOF properties are False.But it's easy to go astray, and there are a number of mistakes that even experts make. Often, we're unaware of a subtle nuance between the two object libraries, Data Access Objects (DAO) and Active X Data Objects (ADO).No matter how experienced you are, it's difficult to commit every little behavior and requirement to memory.The ADO Recordset object is used to hold a set of records from a database table.A Recordset object consist of records and columns (fields).

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