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Console Cowboys posted its instructions on accessing the cameras on January 10, and over the next two days a list of links to over 1,000 camera feeds appeared on Pastebin, a free text storage site popular among programmers and 4channers for storing and sharing snippets of code, Occupy movement screeds, the anti-Scientology manifestos of Anonymous, and the assorted Dane Cook joke.

In an email, Someluser said that he was not responsible for creating the long list of links or posting them to other sites.

This is a completely different situation, where a mistake made by the company left its customers in the horrible position of being spied on by possibly thousands of strangers for twenty days before issuing a fix, and likely leaving the large percentage of customers that didn’t register their devices exposed indefinitely.

Apart from the initial 4chan rush, the list of camera feeds spread among the typical internet hangouts of the young and restlessly nerdy.

Following the instructions on the site, thousands of streaming personal IP cameras can be accessed.On Reddit, the comments express concern over the unethical nature of this type of voyeurism: "this is no different than posting private information about individuals.Should be removed." On another message board, a user wrote, "the first one I tried showed a child's playpen, lake [sic] a nanny cam or something."I would imagine these lists were created by readers and other individuals who have since created script enhancements on the original findings and code....It is hard to say how it ended up on 4chan, it is not a site I frequent." The Pastebin link list appeared on Reddit’s security forum within a day, and on 4chan’s /b/ board sometime that week. Each camera feed may have been viewed by hundreds or thousands of people.

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